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Nordic Coastal Tourism – Sustainability, Trends, Practices, and Opportunities

Sustainability, best practices, trends and opportunities - 19 studies from 7 Nordic countries compiled in 1 book!

The coastline along the Nordic countries are as impressive as they are different. From towering fjords in Norway, to vast untouched white beaches in Denmark, to the rugged and almost otherworldly volcanic landscapes of Iceland. It is no wonder they are the most visited areas in the Nordics, with coastal and nature-based tourism accounting for 72% of the market share (Nordic Council of Ministers, 2019).  There has been rapid growth in tourism in the Nordic countries in the past decade, which has brought both opportunities and headaches for tourists, tourism actors, governments, investors and residents.

This book, the first of its kind, will delve into the many facets surrounding Nordic Coastal Tourism. Topics such as (but not limited to): sustainability, lifelong education in the sector, destination stewardship, cruise tourism, overtourism, climate change, post COVID-19 business models, food and gastronomy, health tourism, resilient coastal communities, destination development with coopetition and design thinking, and hostmanship. Book will be from a truly Nordic perspective with cases from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, as well as integrated Baltic cases from Poland and Lithuania.

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