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Towards a more responsible and regenerative tourism

Calls for tourism to be a ‘force for good’ has amplified - but how to navigate your way in the “do-good” jungle to make actual change?

The concept of sustainability in tourism has been criticized – and rightly so – as it has focused more on damage control, rather than focusing on bettering or restorative properties (Dragin-Jensen, 2022). Other concepts of a ‘better’ tourism have emerged, most notably responsible (Bramwell et al., 2008) and regenerative (Bellato, Frantzeskaki, & Nygaard, 2022), and to  a lesser degree, transformative (Amaro, Caldeira, & Seabra, 2023).

This project investigates through a Danish perspective on how Danish tourism actors can make/are making the shift towards a more responsible form of tourism development. More specifically, this project will work on the following:

  • Together with national tourism actors, such as MeetDenmark, this project will investigate regenerative and responsible tourism practices (with a Danish focus), and how actors (both on a local and national level) can learn from these cases.
  • Create a blueprint of “pains and gains” for DMO’s for making the shift towards more responsible tourism practices, hereunder establishing KPI’s and managerial/organizational changes
  • Map the relevance of locals and the ‘localthentic’ development mindset with regards to responsible and regenerative tourism practices



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