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Green Experience Economy: Sustainable Transition at Events and in Event Partnerships

Within the urgent frame of green transition, the project rethinks experience economy as an operational practice for sustainable development in event design, specifically aimed at event managers and companies that want to take part in event collaborations.

The questions are, what are an event’s opportunities to be a catalyst for collaboration and innovation, and a ‘green formation’ in the green transition, to which the experience industry and the tourism sector are also adapting?

And, from this perspective, how can companies and event organizers successfully collaborate on a value-based foundation (people, planet, profit) and simultaneously create value for both event guests and the destination to which the event belongs?

For this purpose, the project develops an approach through key theory and shared practical mindset within the profession of Hospitality and Event Management to give sustainable development a practical meaning with a particular focus on the experience economy, on hosting, event design, and tourism theory.

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