Design, Sustainability and Waste Management – a common course by KEA and Vestforbrænding

One man's trash, another man's treassure. When waste turns to gold.

KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology developed – in close collaboration with the waste plant – an interdisciplinary course for students from six of its professional bachelor programs within the building and design sector. Focus of the course was the coherence between design, sustainability and waste management, three themes which the collaborating partners have experience with and knowledge about from their own worlds.

The goal of the project was to find out if the two partners – a business and an educational institution – could develop a course with focus on sustainability together, connecting realities from the two worlds together and moreover creating something that later on also could be offered to other educational institutions and businesses.
More than 130 students participated in the one week course. At the end of the course, 27 groups working with 7 themes presented 27 project proposals, which were evaluated and judged by a panel of experts from KEA and Vestforbrænding. (read more about the themes in the attached catalogue)

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