Design, Sustainability and Waste Management – a common course by KEA and Vestforbrænding

Projekttitel Design, Sustainability and Waste Management – a common course by KEA and Vestforbrænding
Projekttype Innovationsprojekter
Frascati Ja
Tema Bæredygtighed | Design
Teaser One man's trash, another man's treassure. When waste turns to gold.
Status Afsluttet
- Akademi Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA)
- Kontaktperson Tue Hylby Lindqvist
Nat./Int. Nationalt
Projektperiode 01. juli 2012 - 31. december 2012
- Projektresumé

KEA Copenhagen School of Design and Technology developed – in close collaboration with the waste plant – an interdisciplinary course for students from six of its professional bachelor programs within the building and design sector. Focus of the course was the coherence between design, sustainability and waste management, three themes which the collaborating partners have experience with and knowledge about from their own worlds.

The goal of the project was to find out if the two partners – a business and an educational institution – could develop a course with focus on sustainability together, connecting realities from the two worlds together and moreover creating something that later on also could be offered to other educational institutions and businesses.
More than 130 students participated in the one week course. At the end of the course, 27 groups working with 7 themes presented 27 project proposals, which were evaluated and judged by a panel of experts from KEA and Vestforbrænding. (read more about the themes in the attached catalogue)

- Baggrund og formål


Many companies find it difficult to make room and time for collaborations where students and teachers learn through dialogue and collaboration with the company about solving problems and challenges from the real world

However, this is an important element in what is called  ‘Uddannelse for Bæredygtig Udvikling’, where the wish is to investigate how to create a course which takes place in a real life compnay or organisation in a practical interaction between teacher, students and employees.


The project tests the possibilities for development and operation of a common course for students enrolled in higher education. The themes in which the program will deal with is design, sustainability and waste management – and the connection between these themes.

Both KEA’s practical educational programs and the waste management company Vestforbrændingen posses valuable knowledge, experience and interests from two  different worlds.

It is the aim that the project will contribute to a better understanding of the complex processes in the different phases of product life cycle – from design, production and comsumption to recycling, recovery and disposal.

In the cases where it is possible, the project will involve other companies to develope and/or complete the courses.

- Aktiviteter og handling


December 2011: Sondering af muligheder

  • Kick-off møde, hvor projektet opridses, gennemgås og forventninger afstemmes

Januar 2012: Valg af målgruppe for testforløb

  • Indhold og etablering af samarbejdsgruppe
  • Hvilke virksomheder indgår i udviklingsprojektet og i de testforløb, der skal afholdes

April 2012: Udvikling af tværfagligt kursus

  • Indhold
  • Form
  • Organisering
  • Tidsplan

September – November 2012: Fire testforløb afholdes

  • For hvert testforløb deltager ml 35-50 studerende og mindst en virksomhed.
  • Forløbene dokumenteres og formidles via RCE hjemmeside.

Januar 2013: Evaluering og formidling af projektets proces og resultater

  • En evaluering gennemføres og præsenteres for RCE
- Projektets Metode

KEA has, in collaboration with Vestforbrænding, created this week long course for students from Bygningskonstruktør, Produktudvikling og Teknisk Integration, and four specialties from the Design & Business program: Living Design, Sustainable Communication, Sustainable Fashion and Sustainable Purchasing. Through problemoriented group work you are given the opportunity to apply Vestforbrænding’s vast knowledge and experience in waste management to your own projects. Waste, design and sustainability sets the frame for the seven themes that you can choose to work with in your project group: Collection of waste from private households, the recycling station of the future, Waste minimization and waste separation at Kea Design and Business, reuse of building materials, The ‘gold fractions’ from households, Material design lab, and Multi-cultural handling of waste in apartment buildings! These themes deal with various material and social aspects of our waste management system and invite you to rethink and redesign its elements, focusing on how new ideas and concepts can change the ways to collect, sort, recycle and redesign waste so that it is less harmful, less wasteful and more beneficial to people. We hope that this interdisciplinary collaboration between the students, assisted by teachers from KEA and experts from Vestforbrænding can contribute to increased knowledge and awareness of waste and its application in new creative concepts for waste, design and sustainability.

The project group consisted of 8 lecturers from KEA and 3 employees from Vestforbrænding + one project manager and one project assistant from KEA.


- Projektets Forventede Resultater

One of the goals of the project is to test if an educational institution (KEA) and a business (Vestforbrænding) could develop and run an interdisciplinary course with focus on sustainable development. The challenge has proven not to be the collaboration between KEA and a firm in terms of developing such a course, but the interdisciplinarity. This is important to state, since students at KEA and at other educational institutions in general need to be able to work in interdisciplinary teams in the “real world”.

- Projektets Forventede Effekt

Hopefully, the project will contribute to a better understanding and awareness of the complex processes in the different phases of product life cycle – from design, production and comsumption to recycling, recovery and disposal.

- Studerende Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA) (130)
- Medarbejdere Københavns Erhvervsakademi (KEA)
Eva Valcke
Tue Hylby Lindqvist
Pernille Berg
Tina Hjort
- Virksomhedsrepræsentanter
- Andre
Partnere Vestforbrænding
- Intern 33%
- Ekstern 34% | Danske private kilder | RCE - Nationalt netværk for uddannelse for bæredygtig udvikling
33% | Danske private kilder | Vestforbrænding

– An interdisciplinary course for students on bachelor level, focussing on design, sustainability and waste management, ran by a business and an educational institution.
– A wish for more collaboration between KEA and Vestforbrænding to finetune the course according to the results of the evaluation.

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