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Educators Summit: A Critical Approach to Education in Sustainable Fashion

Join us on May 14, 2019 to discuss how education can accelerate the sustainable fashion transition

The aim of the EDUCATORS SUMMIT is to establish a platform for sharing experiences and ideas as well as to discuss good practices in teaching topics related to fashion and sustainability.

EDUCATORS SUMMIT is developed and hosted by Copenhagen School of Design and Technology (KEA).

Educators Summit will be held on May 14, 2019 at KEA and it is an all day summit.

The overall question, which we wish to explore at the Summit is: How can education accelerate the sustainable fashion transition?

  Subthemes to be explored at the Summit:

  • Defining 21st-century skills and competences for a critical and transformative approach to sustainability in fashion within higher education.
  • Guiding students to unfold their potential as drivers of sustainability.
  • Implementing actions for successful change within educational institutions and organisation.

The cases and discussions from the Summit will be gathered and published as an e-book. 

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