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Developing food innovation capacity in the South Baltic Region

Strengthening international activeness and innovation capacity of the South Baltic blue & green economy

This project’s main objective is to strengthen innovation capacity in food SMEs by exploiting the potentials in network and innovation activities in triple helix cooperation between food SMEs, public sector and knowledge institutions. Through triple helix cooperations, the project builds a knowledge-bridge between SMEs, knowledge institutions, students and public sectors across the South Baltic Region (SBR) supporting and facilitating growth and development in the food industry in SBR. No one can do it alone.

Part of the project concerns Food Innovation – In SME’s and will be referred to as Workpackage 3 (WP3).
The purpose of WP3 is to strengthen the Danish, German and Swedish food industry engaged in alternative crops and health-promoting plant protein sources that substitute for the more production-intensive and environmentally harmful production of animal protein sources. The knowledge from the participating institutions will be implemented through innovation activities and in already existing networks within the food industry and thereby create value to the involved SMEs.
The partners involved in WP3 will setup seven innovation activities as a part of the project as well as disseminate best-cases and knowledge through food clusters and networks on both EU-level, national level and regional level and activate the strong food alliance this partnership represents. These cross-border activities will ensure that SMEs will achieve an increased competitiveness.

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