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Data Science Holodeck

This project is about revealing and making widely available the spectacular opportunities the virtual worlds provide

Virtual reality og præsentationsteknik

This project is about revealing and making widely available the spectacular opportunities the virtual worlds provide to enhancing our professional experience as educators and business knowledge managers.  

The project team is challenged to discover how the novel visualization and interaction techniques, emerging with the virtual reality (VR), can improve the comprehension of data complexity.  


Our main objective is to create a value for cognitive activities and operations related to learning, such as understanding, remembering, reasoning, by accommodating virtual reality (VR) technologies. Therefore, we direct our professional strengths towards solving the following tasks: 

  1. Creating knowledge by collecting empirical evidence about the impact of selected VR components and features, such as 3D user interfaces, visual metaphors, and collaborative interaction techniques, on comprehension of complex data. 
  1. Applying this knowledge in designing and developing software engine that can facilitate academic and business professionals in creating virtual environments for collaborative data exploration. 
  1. Formulating specifications and recommendations for practical implementation of such virtual environments, in support of solving tasks with comprehension and manipulation of complex data and abstract concepts, in either educational or business context. 
  1. Transferring expertise to data-driven businessesother academic institutions, to researchers, and other educators at Cphbusiness 

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