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Cooking up prosperity: Pop-Up restaurants, innovation, and lifestyle entrepreneurship

Can pop-up restaurants provide the freedom, creativity and pursuit of uniqueness that lifestyle entrepreneurs seek?

Rettigheder: Pop-up Norge
Entrepreneurship is central to diversifying and enhancing the competitiveness of tourism offerings. The current literature underscores a critical oversight in nurturing entrepreneurship for tourism innovation and urges further exploration of entrepreneurial motivations in tourism start-ups. This is particularly relevant because the tourism sector heavily relies on new ventures to drive innovation, as established firms often struggle to meet the growing demand for distinctive and unique travel experiences. This study examines the entrepreneurial journey and innovation process within the tourism scene. Through comprehensive desk research and an in-depth entrepreneur interview, we aim to deepen our insights into the motivations driving entrepreneurs and the innovation processes behind their tourism products and services. Specifically, our research focuses on pop-up restaurants, illuminating their embodiment of innovation and life-style entrepreneurship. The findings reveal that a sense of freedom, creativity, and the pursuit of uniqueness stand out as key motivational factors of establishing pop-up restaurants. These motivations extend into a continuous business innovation cycle, as the drive to enhance and offer novel experiences remains paramount. This study elucidates the uncharted territory of tourism entrepreneurship and offers valuable insights into the driving forces and innovative dynamics within this evolving market.
(Picture source: Pop-Up Norge)

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