KEA meets Nike

The multinational sportswear company Nike challenged KEA’s design students to develop sustainable designs

The project is a cooperation between Nike and KEA. More specifically KEAs Design programme and KEA Material Design Lab.

In just three weeks KEA’s Fashion Design students developed sustainable clothing or accessory products based on Nike as a case with their core pillar ‘Performance’. Besides this sustainable approach to the project, the students tested the app “Making” developed by Nike in order to assess the level of sustainability in the choice of materials.

Materials and sustainability

Regarding materials, the students primarily focused on sustainability, manipulation and innovative properties including methods and techniques based on the principle Zero Waste.
The purpose of the project was to support the students’ work practices so that their learning and skills could be translated into actual projects in a real business case. The project was structured around a student-developed design brief, which included design, business and sociological aspects. The emphasis was on didactics, entrepreneurship, sustainability, knowledge, communication, materials and
In the KEA meets Nike project 22 students from the PBA Fashion department participated. Eight students were selected for the final exhibition at the KEA library. KEA had the pleasure of receiving representatives from Nike, who participated in the opening of the exhibition and gave feedback on the projects at
the exhibition.

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