Innoguide 2.0

‘Guiding as a trigger for a more sustainable, diverse and exciting Europe! Stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of guiding.

The overall rationale of this Erasmus+ project is two-fold. First of all it wants to further promote the online platform and, by organising train-the-trainer workshops, teach the materials that were designed in the first Innoguide project. This ensures a continued dissemination and apprehension of the Innoguide transversal skills in intercultural awareness, sustainability and experiential guiding. The second rationale is to improve the service quality of guide organisations and stimulate their entrepreneurial mind-set by developing, based on service design principles, a self-scan and supporting instruments. A self-scan makes guide organisations reflect on how they run their organisation and confronts them with their areas of improvement. The project provides in different supporting instruments
these organisations can use to address these points of improvement.

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