Improving innovation capacity and connecting small and medium sized companies in the North Sea Region

The Inn2POWER project is the first project where regional clusters from Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark along with other organizations in the Offshore Wind Industry (OWI) will work this closely together in bringing small and medium sized companies (SMEs) together across borders to engage in successful business collaborations.

Benefits for SMEs participating in Inn2POWER:

Support in developing transnational innovative business cases and forming innovation collaborations of SMEs

  • Online company search engine to find the right competences and partners for joint transnational innovative projects
  • Themed and targeted transnational B2B meetings to meet cooperation partners from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands

Securing the work force

  • Developing an innovative European MBA course on “Wind Management” tailored the needs of employees from SMEs
  • Supporting SMEs to improve staff recruitment

Improved access to supporting infrastructure

  • Mapping of European test-infrastructure and concepts for improved access for SMEs
  • Recommendations for cost-efficient cooperation opportunities in harbours and shared logistics facilities

Securing acceptance and support

  • Communication of the benefits and achievements of the European Offshore Wind sector to different target groups and business partners

Inn2Power has three overall project goals:

  1. 15 concrete transnational collaborations between (min. 2) SMEs. This will be documented by a joint declaration signed by the involved SMEs
  2. 50 SMEs, supported by the cluster organizations, enter new transnational markets. This will be tracked and documented by the web based tool
  3. 150 students that subscribe for an MBA course that are organized using the methodology developed in the project


The Inn2POWER project consists of five work packages (WP).



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