Mobility Among Young Adults

Doctoral dissertation on young people's attachment to Danish peripheral places

With point of departure in two Danish semi-rural settings with less obvious flagship attractions and cultural assets compared to high amenity settings, the doctoral dissertation contributes to the limited scientific knowledge of the perceptions of place attachment and place attractiveness among young adults who belong or soon potentially will belong to the professional category of knowledge workers. The doctoral work provides insight into place-related preferences and behaviours of knowledge workers, and offers an understanding of why they might move to and stay in peripheral places. Further, the study is a locality-specific qualitative research that is devoted to understanding the motivations, experiences and trajectories of these individuals, in order to understand the underlying factors associated with the movements of knowledge workers to and from Danish peripheral areas. Hence, the dissertation seeks to examine place-based opportunities and constraints related to peripheral places, and what makes these places more or less attractive than other places, when and for whom. In addition, the study investigates the role of place and place attachment in the lives of young people, and how this contributes in shaping life trajectories. Because of the abstract and often emotionally and subjectively understood nature of place attachment and place attractiveness, issues of proximity, distance, hopes and aspirations, social relations, culture and economy is of particular interest in the dissertation.

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