Exchange of professional practice on teaching methods in order to garner entrepreneurial skills

The overall objective is the exchange of professional practice on issues related to textbooks, curricula and teaching methodologies for the simulation as an effective method to entrepreneurship education of young people, innovative technologies used in the simulation business transfer between the two levels of schooling – high school VET and university.

In the plan of activities, we address the following target groups

  • Short-term staff active in education and training (objective: Upgrading skills of teachers through new learning and teaching methods, by development and delivery of new teaching materials and methods, especially using the method ” training firm” (high school) or “virtual company” (universities); implement innovative practice VET learning and teaching methodologies (training firm,virtual company), those delivering key competences and basic skills, language skills, focusing on the use of ICT.
  • Long-term -students, school pupils ( 17-20 age) (objective:• The development of entrepreneurial skills, IT and foreign languages to students)

The project will develop the following results

  • Reports
  • The project website
  • Curricula “Learning Office”
  • Good Practice Guide “Simulation for entrepreneurship”

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