Business models Post-Corona

We seek to explore what changes in business strategy covid-19 might impose on actors within the hospitality sector

The Corona pandemic has struck a significant blow to the global economy. Currently, there are few enterprises that have not been heavily affected by the pandemic, and it poses a significant challenge to the current business model paradigm held throughout several industries. This holds especially true for the hospitality sector, where hotels, airline companies and other operators have seen a dramatic plunge in the number of customers and revenue. The question that remains is how this pandemic has affected, and will continue to effect, the way the hospitality companies operate their business; the latter is what we wish to explore.

The project idea is to investigate the impact caused by the Corona pandemic on the current hospitality market, and how this will shape the markets in years to come. Our basic assumption is that the disruptive nature of the pandemic will challenge current business models, and in that process the underlying business model paradigm that has prevailed for several decades in the hospitality sector. We expect that sustainability and an increased focus on aligning future business models with sustainable goals is to be expected. Thus, a focus on future business models post Corona will also focus on how hospitality companies can work more sustainably in the future.

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