Villages On Move Baltic Sea

VOMB brings new ideas for physical activities in rural areas at the Baltic Sea. The ideas are created using a co-production methodology.

In Villages on Move Baltic project 1.1.2017-31.12.2018 there is a multisectorial network of innovative organizations from five countries and from both sports, welfare, education and rural development.
The multi-sectorial network is delivering information to rural areas regarding the

  • Guideline 1 – 60 minutes of daily moderate-intensity physical activity for children and young people and a minimum of 30 minutes of daily moderate intensity physical activity for adults including seniors.
  • Guideline 2 – implementing WHO’s guidance regarding obesity and physical activity, (WHO: Benefits of Physical Activity 2008).
    Our project aims to promote physical activity among all age groups, with a special focus on refugees and elderly people.

Older people are one of the main groups, because demographical change towards older society is especially high in the rural areas. This increases the need for creating new innovative ways for promoting physical activity in rural areas.

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